The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) announced today the formation of several new franchise associations as chapters of the AAFD. Each Chapter will leverage the combined voices of all its members to establish an environment of collaboration between franchisees and franchisors.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome our new chapter under the AAFD’s tent of Total Quality Franchising,” said Robert Purvin, Chairman of the AAFD. “Many of our organizations are household names and represent hundreds of franchises across the country and the world. As this chapter grow, their voices will reverberate. With the help of the AAFD, I believe this chapter will be able to create real and meaningful change within their franchise system to  establish a more collaborative and fair culture.”

The AAFD acts as a catalyst in the franchisee chapter formation process by providing coaching, offering a vehicle for organization, helping franchisees build a leadership structure, and providing tools to support an effective franchisee association. The AAFD further helps chapters build effective leadership, define goals and objectives, build a compelling membership purpose, and open a constructive dialogue with their franchisor management team.

The AAFD is the oldest, largest, and most respected direct member franchisee trade association in the United States. The nonprofit organization has formed exclusive chapters for over 80 franchise systems and seeks to foster its vision of Total Quality Franchising—a collaborative franchise culture that respects the legitimate business interests of franchisors and franchisees.